Discover diverse, engaging programs tailored for every child’s growth and joyful learning journey.

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Daily Before and After School Care

Start and end each school day with fun, friendship, and learning in our caring environment.

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Summer Programs

Explore, create, and learn in our summer programs, where adventure and education blend seamlessly.

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Toddler Play Group

Join our toddler group for playful learning, social skills development, and endless giggles and joy.

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Dive into our variety of programs, each designed to spark curiosity and foster lifelong learning.


Welcome to Palmer Childcare Academy & Learning Center, where we nurture every child’s potential in a warm, inclusive environment. Our dedicated team ensures a blend of educational excellence and playful discovery. We make every day a new adventure in learning and growth.

Join our family, where your child’s happiness and development are our top priority.

WE ARE COMMITTED Our Mission Statement

At Palmer Childcare Academy & Learning Center, our mission is twofold: to franchise and empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the childcare industry while ensuring a safe …

About Us


Meet our passionate faculty, who are dedicated to inspiring young minds. Each member brings a world of knowledge and a heart full of care to your little one.

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Miss Uzma

We are still updating our website. Please come back soon for more information.

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Mrs. Rahana

We are still updating our website. Please come back soon for more information.

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View More About Our Faculty

Discover the hearts and minds shaping our future. Learn more about our exceptional, caring faculty.

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Upcoming Events

Exciting activities await! Check our calendar for fun events.

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